whenever somebody says like “so what did you do today?” just look off into the distance and say “the right thing”

Then stare right into their eyes and say, “I hope”


"It’s not about race!"

So I guess the Ku Klux Klan showed up for some fresh air, then?

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Where do these people keep coming from

I don’t know, girl. But they need to go the hell back. They keep coming out of the woodworks saying the craziest, most ignorant things..




when there’s a group of your friends hanging out and youre like trying to join the conversation but dont know howimage

I’m relating to a turtle and an apple. IM RELATING TO A TRUTLE AND AN APPLE!

that’s a fucking tomato 

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musical-vacation replied to your post “I love Chris Traeger, man.”

I need to get rid of cable and subscribe to Netflix. ….although I suck at watching anything t.v. related… hmmmm Chris Traeger?

He’s a character on Parks and Recreation. Gotta see him to believe him.

I love seeing people get dragged on here for saying stupid shit about the situation in Ferguson, the American police system, or racism/anti-blackness as a whole. I LIVE to see you get dragged. It gives me life.


Police actually do protect you, and by being violent and looting stores, you’re making yourself look stupid. An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind. Yes, unfortunately, there are corrupt cops out there, but not every cop is racist and evil.

Thing is, the protesting was nothing but peaceful until the police started with tear gas and rubber bullets to disperse them. The cops aren’t protecting anyone but one of their racist coworkers.